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Report No 4 2nd August 2015

Posted on September 4, 2015 at 2:00 AM

Report No 4 . ……..from Kenya.

From 2nd August


On Sunday Don preached at Kautha main service in Mwingi, & I preached at the English service which starts at 9.20am.


This new week started with our trip to Kisii where Don is to lecture for two weeks at Kisii Campus of RBC, starting August 10th. We had planned to have a break this week and visit Tsavo National Park, for two days on our way to Kisii. We had planned to take David & Mary Omwamba with us, to give them a break too. These pastors don't really know what a holiday is & can't afford one anyhow. We also thought it would be a treat for David & Mary to see the animals in the park, mostly at close range. I had booked into the Lutheran Guest House at Voi, where the gate to Tsavo Park is situated.


Monday was taken up with traveling. It was further than I thought to Voi so we arrived just after dark; just on 500 kilometres from Mwingi, down the Mombasa road. It is a new guest house and just what we wanted for two full days. I thought Voi may be just a village but it is quite a big town.



It was interesting to find that the Chinese are building a new rail line between Nairobi and Mombasa. It may go into Uganda as well. I don't know. So there is a lot of construction going on at the moment, mile after mile. The road to Mombasa is quite good but Oh so slow. There are thousands of trucks running between Nairobi & Mombasa &, of course, this is the only direct route between Uganda and its only sea port at Mombasa. The trucks all seem to travel so slowly which is strange for Kenyan drivers. Some were doing only 40 kph. I don't know whether the trucks are worn out or what the problem is but we could only get past when there was a break in the traffic, as it is only single lane each way.

The time at Tsavo was good. We were able to hire a ranger, from the park itself, as a guide [ for 2000 kes or about $25 per day] who traveled with us in our vehicle and took us to where we would find the animals. It was also an opportunity for all of us to get a bit of a rest, especially Mary & David, who live a very busy life.


On Thursday morning we left Voi & headed toward Machakos, where David & Mary were to catch a bus back to Mwingi. David had said he would accompany us to Omosenia [Kisii area] but that meant he would have had to return immediately to Mwingi by bus which would be very tiring. We assured him we could, by God's Grace, find our own way to Omosenia, and we did.

As many probably already know, Don is a good map reader and he enabled us to skirt around Nairobi & find a place called Limaroo, south of Nairobi, & close to the top of the escarpment leading to the Rift Valley.

We stayed a night at Limaroo in a hotel, then set off for Omosenia the next day.

This hotel was a huge building; about 6 stories high. Don is not only a good map reader but a good negotiator. We understood from the website that a room each would be about 2300 Kenyan shillings, [about $34]but when they found out we were not Kenyans they said it would be 3000 kes each. Don asked to speak to the manager and told him we did not expect to pay that much. Don offered 2000 each and the manager accepted. Later we had trouble getting hot water for our shower so I was glad we were not paying full price.

The next day we set off for Omosenia, through the Rift Valley to Narok, Kisii Town & on to Omosenia arriving about 4pm. It was a good & safe trip. They must have had rain in that normally dry area, as there were acres & acres of beautiful wheat crops close to maturity.


On the Lord's day [9th August]Don & I both attended Omosenia IPC where Don was the preacher. There were about 45 people present.


As I was about to leave Kisii Town after shopping, I noticed a man of about 45 years, leaning on a stone wall reading a book. He was an employee of the G4S security company. I thought the book looked like a Bible so I went over to talk to him. I said “It looks like you are reading the Bible”

His reply was so encouraging. He said, “This book has brought me out of darkness into God's marvellous light”. We went on to talk further and agreed to correspond with each other. He had such a radiant face. I asked what the highlighted verses were on the open page. He said, “Well I just found this one today”

I think it said “Lord have mercy on my son”

He said “that is what we should be praying frequently. Lord, have mercy on me. Lord, have mercy on my family, etc etc.” I agreed.

As we were separating he said “where do you come from.” I said “Australia”.

He replied, “but you speak such good English”.

I explained that I, too, come from a country that was once a British colony like his own.

An encouraging incident for the day.

David Bosanquet

10th August 2015











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